What an amazing place! I didn’t think to be so impressive from this Park. We added to our tour and to get there we needed to do 2 days only of travel but it worths… it definitely worths!

We entered the park at the west entrance and we did first the Norris Loop, 1.5 miles walking on wood boardwalk above a hot and burnt ground!

DSC_0851  DSC_0905

We will never forget the smell around here!

Then we took a look at the mammoth upper terraces DSC_0933

but we had no time to get off the car because we had to get to the hotel, 120 km far from there.

Before to arrive to the Grant Village hotel we found bisons, deers…

and we reached 2700 metres from the sea level and we saw snow at the sides of the road and we caught a hailstorm!

Even if it was July we woke up with 4 degree outside the windows and ice on the boardwalk!!! 

The next day we visited the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone River to see the Upper e Lower Falls

And then we saw the best part of the park: boiled water with unforgettable colours and the geysers!


The best pool for me was the Grand Prismatic Spring. Also here we walked on wood boardwalk. I didn’t know how to leave this place, this wonderful scenery!

Last but not least was the view of the Old Faithfull Geyser, the one that come out every day at accurate time. It’s incredibile. We sat down and wait and at the right time it started.

DSC_1348 DSC_1359

And these are the pictures of our hotel: Snow Lodge…

It was a little and quick experience of the park but we enjoyed very much. I will never forget the colours I found here … and the bear we saw close to us when we were luckly in the car!

That’s all, folks!

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