What an unbelievable place, what nature can done!

We discovered this canyon reading lots of travel diary before the departure. And you HAVE TO go. Book a tour, especially at noon is a must if you are travelling through Page. And you’ll need an advance booking! The preferred tour is the 12 o’clock one, because the sunlight enters perpendicularly and creates an amazing show! The tours are managed from Navajo Indians, they will take you through the sand desert until the entrance of the Canyon. The trip is funny because they have to go fast to drive on the sand.

And when we entered in the Canyon we didn’t have any more words. I don’t know how many pictures I did. The street is narrow and is go and return. You will find sand all other you when you finish the excursion! But it worths it!

If you are a photographer there is also a 2 hours and half tour and you will have plenty of time to do your best photos of the Canyon.

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