Everything’s change from now!

Everything started here, in the hall of one of the most famous hotel in Las Vegas! Here I understoodd, after a long travel, that I arrived in the United States of America! I put my feet on the american ground… That ground, that air, these sounds were in my heart from long time but I never thought to reach the target!

After a long trip, about 20 hours travelling from an airport to another, we finally landed in Las Vegas. We did a long queue at the customs but when we got our noses out of the airport the air was so hot and humid that we wanted to come back in!

But when I arrived inside the Luxor pyramide I got that everything was real… in a moment we were inside a movie, those movies that we saw when we were young, located in such far places and the desire to go there one day… and that day was arrived on july 4th, 2011!

I won’t forget that moment and my feelings. I started jump all over as a little girl in front of Santa Klaus’ presents, under my husband’s and my children’s eyes!

And I felt to be at home like in no one else place and I can’t help me continuing travel all other the States!


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